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Metal Building Assign Commercial Group offers everything from stand-alone offices to multi-story office complex, single classrooms to complete schools, small warehouse to large industrial factories.

View our complete line of Metal Home Models. We custom design our buildings to your specifications with the use of state of the art software. This also provides our customers with same day budgetary pricing.

We are one of the largest metal building distributors in the area, and that means we can save you money.

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"STOP! Don't hire that architect, civil engineer, or contractor until you talk to us"

Millions of dollars are wasted each year by a business looking to expand on building plans that never get built. Why? Because the business could not afford to build the designed building. Assign Commercial Group will not be a party to such waste of your resources.

Before you start this journey, please allow us to show you the proper process that will ensure your business builds the solution to your needs and makes the most effective use of its limited money, time and manpower resources.

Most businesses will start the process of building improperly due to the lack of experience. This lack of experience can lead to huge gaps in the construction process. These gaps could cost your business time and money and lead to costly planning and execution mistakes.

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How can the Assign Commercial Group construction management team save you time and money? Step #1 is to conduct a needs and feasibility study.

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The Benefits of a Needs and Feasibility Study:

  • Determines financial feasibility
  • Identifies if land will support the vision
  • Develops a clear vision and action plan
  • Builds consensus and unifies direction
  • Sets realistic expectations - both time and money
  • Helps avoid expensive mistakes & uncovers potential issues
  • Improves both financial support and satisfaction
  • Confirms space needed that drives the design process

The Process:

  • The building requirements to support the vision and mission
  • The land requirements to support the vision and mission
  • The financial requirements to support the vision and mission

The Process:

Our company, Assign Commercial Group, can effectively and affordably take your ideas from the planning stage to a turnkey project. We will also help you find the right architect and civil engineer to work with our general contractor for your project.

Plus our construction management team is one of the best in the business of using a cost cutting method called 'Value-Engineering'. We lower the cost without sacrificing quality.

Call Assign Commercial Group now at 1 (855) 277-8454 for a No-Cost or Obligation meeting!

If you need help with financing, we can help! We work with financial institutions that mainly finance small businesses. They have some of the best interest rates on the market today.


Assign Commercial Group Installs Urestone Panels

URESTONE stone veneer panels are the most realistic faux stone wall panels on the market. All fall textures are molded from the real thing; stone, brick, wood or the other variety of panels that we offer.

However, what truely seperates us from the competition is the size of our panels. We offer a full selection of interlocking faux stone panels that are 4 ft x 8 ft or larger that have have the deepest texture relief on the market. This size difference allows for faster installation with fewer seams.

Our faux panels can be used on both interior and exterior projects ranging from building facades, wine cellars, outdoor kitchens, restaurant and other interior applications. Our faux panels are a cost effective alternative to real and artificial veneer stone products on an installated basis.


Can You Recognize a Metal Building From the Outside? Think Again!

You can't judge a book by its cover. Or a building. Not these days.

What looks like brick on the outside could actually be a metal building. What looks like stucco could also be metal. What looks like wood could be metal. What looks like anything but metal could see where we're going with this: metal.

Metal is no longer easily detectible. Its gotten sneakier visually. In fact, its disappeared. And a great example of that is the Madison Square retail center in Norman, Oklahoma.

The 20,000 square-foot structure finished in 2010, with an additional 80,000 square-feet expansion currently under construction with a completion date set for Fall 2014. It isn't a warehouse or an industrial complex; it isn't storage space or a personal garage. It's a stunning retail space off 24th Ave. NW that, just before dusk, settles into the landscape with a relaxed air as if its been there for ages.

That was the hope behind the appearance. It's old world style meets new world technology, says Tim Grissom, co-owner of Precision Builders, who built the complex and is currently handling the expansion.

"We wanted an old, small town downtown look where you have multiple facades of buildings that are done in different ways with different materials," says Grissom. "That makes each space unique."

The veneer is a variation of stone, split-faced rock, and brick of varying sizes.

"I don't think there's anything in the way of veneer that we couldn't use if we wanted to use it," says Grissom.

The varying appearance gives the building, as well as the tenants, the opportunity to streamline their visual persona, such as BA Fitness, a private personal training business, with the lighter brick and large block lettering, or Old Republic Title, a title company, with their more classic fašade and logo.

The appearance of a metal building never looked less like metal. And that fact has retail businesses of all kinds keeping an eye out.

"As soon as people started seeing that building go up, they wanted in there. Before we even finished construction the first tenant had moved in," says Grissom. "It doesn't look like a metal building and that allows us to tailor the exterior veneer to the clients needs."


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