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Assign Commercial Group is an installer of quality roofing components from ACI Metal Roofing Systems.

ACI Metal Roofing Systems provide the highest tested uplift ratings available resulting in a roof system you can trust. Every ACI roof system is engineered to increase efficiency and decrease cost. For this reason, ACI offers panel colors and finishes that are Energy Star® qualified as cool. This means our panels reflect the sun’s rays to reduce the surface temperature which reduces the internal heat of your facility. In result, your building uses less air-conditioning to maintain a comfortable working atmosphere.

ACI Metal Roofing Systems

ACI keeps safety on the forefront of all design. In locations prone to high winds, we utilize the "hurricane" clip which anchors panels to the steel structure using greater surface area of the panel while allowing the panel to expand and contract using the "floating clip" attachment.

ACI also manufactures all trim to be customized to your building's specifications. Your facility will maintain a consistent and professional look from ridge to eave. ACI meets the LEED standards for "green" construction. The LEED green building rating system is designed to promote design and construction practices that increase energy efficient facilities while reducing the negative environmental impacts of buildings and improving occupant health and well-being.

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Metal Roof Color Options - ACI 2000

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Metal Roof Colors

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Metal Roof Colors

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PBA Metal Roofing Panel

PBA Metal Roof Panel


PBM Metal Roofing Panel

PBM Metal Roof Panel


PBR Metal Roofing Panel

PBR Metal Roof Panel


SnapLok Metal Roofing Panel

SnapLok Metal Roof Panel


StratoShield Metal Roofing Panel

StratoShield Metal Roof Panel


Superior Rib Metal Roofing Panel

Superior Rib Metal Roof Panel


SWP-12 Metal Roofing Panel

SWP-12 Metal Roof Panel


UltraLok Metal Roofing Panel

UltraLok Metal Roof Panel

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