Tiki Toilets

Our "Original Tiki Toilets and changing area are unique to the industry" Aloha Tiki Creations is the first to offer such a product in the market place.

Our "Original Tiki Toilets" come in 2 sizes: larger model with changing area and mirror, and our smaller model that is completely self-contained. Tiki Toilets are a changing room outfitted with a toilet and sink with plenty of space to help the kids get changed.

Great for the pool area where guests can access a restroom without entering your residence.

"Original Tiki Toilets" are perfect for a pool area or patio were friends and family do not have access to a restroom without entering your residence. They also work great on docks or at functions were you would need a restroom or changing area. An outdoor shower can be installed as an option on any Tiki Toilet.

Small Tiki Toilet: 4' x 4'
Large Tiki Toilet: 6' x 6'

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Tiki Toilets are constructed using:

Choose from five siding options for your tiki hut including: bamboo, redwood, cedar, cypress, or pressure treated.





Pressure Treated


Advisory: With natural building material I.e. palm or thatch roofing, wood, bamboo or other products etc. these building materials may require periodic maintenance and over time may require replacement. There can be some color changes as our products are exposed to uv rays/sun, rain and other outdoor conditions that may occur. No returns, exchanges or refunds will be given do to natural causes that are expected to occur over time due to deterioration and natural color changes in our materials that we use.


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